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Vintage Memorial Posters from 1998 featuring the artwork of Dr. Carl N. Gorman.


25 1/5" x 30 1/2" (65.77 x 77.47 cm) each


The Navajo Code Talkers have been credited with turning the tide of the war in the Pacific. A general misunderstanding is that the Code was merely the Navajo Language, when in fact if was a complex and nuanced verbal code - The ONLY U.S. Military Verbal Code never to be broken. The Army also utilized Native American Communicators from various tribes during WWII as well as in WWI. The Army program differed from that of the Marine Corps but was also essential in contributing to an allied victory.
The Navajo Nation is proud of our Navajo Code Talkers and all our people serving and protecting us. August 14th has continuously been celebrated on the Navajo Nation. 2022 will make its 40th celebration and the second year since Gov Doug Ducey signed the holiday in to Arizona State law.
Carl was proud of his service as a Code Talker and proud of the men with whom he served. He served as president of the Navajo Code Talker Association and designed the Association's Logo, which would be later used in the minting of Congressional Gold and Silver Medals. He spent much of his life promoting the Code Talker story around the country through his art and through lectures.
These posters were created by the Gorman family in 1998 to commemorate the memory of my grandfather, Carl. We hope they help carry on his work of telling this story. They feature images of two paintings -"Navajo Code Talkers no.1" and "Navajo Code Talkers no.2" - by Carl. Each is printed on heavy, high quality poster.

Vintage Posters - "Navajo Code Talkers" featuring the art of Dr. Carl N. Gorman

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