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74 years

Verde Valley School
         Reunion 2022

Use Code 9839 to download

It was a wonderful weekend down a dusty dirt road...

View Photos

View Photos

Viewing the photos is as easy as clicking on the button link below. You'll be redirected to my pixieset page where you can view all of the photos I took over our reunion weekend.

I've switched on a welcome tutorial guide to the collection that will walk you through some of the features.

For ease of browsing, I've tagged [most] of the photos into sets labelled: "Portraits", "Work Jobs", "Campus & Campus Art", etc... There is also a set which includes ALL of the photos that are available for free.

Photos will include a digital watermark while viewing. Low-Res Downloads and social sharing will include the watermark as well. You can download the Original photos without the watermark for personal use or printing. If you order prints via the in-app store, the watermark will be removed.

Print Photos

Print Photos

You have two options for printing. I have made the original, print quality files available for free download and you can arrange for home printing or use a print center of your choice. Walgreens is about the cheapest I've found and have been happy with the results (they normally offer 50%-80% off coupons for print and offer options on paper and finish through their on-line print-store). Click on download icon, and select "Original Size". You can download individual images or entire sets. The Original Size downloads will have the watermark removed and will be large .jpg files or a .zip file.

You can also purchase directly in the collection by clicking the shopping cart icon and selecting from the available products. A mark up is built into the pricing sheet. The mark up will go to me, not to VVS or the VVS Alumni (I just want to be clear) - though I hope to be able to make larger contributions towards the school through my work.

All photos are cropped in a 4x6 (2:3 ratio). other formats are available, such as 8x10, 11x14 and even square 1:1. You will have options for where to clip the images for these alternative formats.

Download & Share Photos

Download & Share

You can download individual photos or entire sets in web, small, or original sizes for free (there is no expectation of payment, but if you would like to buy me a coffee, you can drop $5 or any amount into my paypal, venmo, or other account listed below). Use the code 9839 to download. The original size will have the watermark removed. I do ask that if you share an original image, that you credit the photo and/or link my social media (See below).


instagram: www/ or tag @MichaelGormanGallery

personal instagram: @msanayagorman

Hashtag: #VVSReunion2022

If you have facebook, twitter, or pinterest, you can share directly to your accounts through pixieset by clicking the share (arrow) icon on the photo.

Buy me a coffee

Buy me a coffee

Photos from the reunion weekend are available FREE for download. I had a wonderful time meeting fellow VVSers who have shared in the experience that is the School. I was very happy to bring my camera and to use my profession to document the memories. VVS was were I took my first photography class with Jeff Perkins and there was something very special about returning 20-23 years later having kept up the craft.

Please, download, print and share these photos for your own personal use, as much as you want! If you want to donate to the schoolplease give via their website

There were a few folks who asked if there was a way to send some money to support the work going into creating these photos. There is no expectation of payment, however, if you wish to contribute, here are a couple ways you can do so:

Purchase prints through the web-app. These prints are at a mark-up and I will receive a little compensation and you'll receive whatever prints you order directly from one of my printers or drop any amount you like into my paypal or venmo. You can also drop an amount through the website below.

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