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Firehawk Designs

- Ron Striegel -


I grew up in New Mexico and was interested in silversmithing at a young age after seeing Navajo silversmithing demonstrations as a boy.  I was fascinated by the torch that the smiths used with the blue flame.  I am Citizen Potawatomi, the people of the place of the fire.  While at a regional meeting in the 1990s Chairman Barrett gave a lecture on the disappearing language and arts of the Potawatomi and the responsibility that all Potawatomi share in recapturing those aspects of our culture. I began silversmithing shortly after his talk.
    Following the Potawatomi tradition, I began silversmithing using heavy gauge sterling silver which creates its own problems with heating and bending the metal. In the last decade or so, I’ve specialized in layering metals to create 3d images of mountain scenes and in using gold along with sterling silver. Since gold and silver melt at significantly different temperatures, this has been challenging to learn this technique. I’ve vaporized a bit of gold along the way learning how this technique can be used successfully.
     I’ve been fortunate to have produced some works that have won awards in art shows, including the Potawatomi Art Competition, Denver Cultural Heritage Festival and Lamar County Colorado Art Competition. Thank you for considering my art. I am always honored when someone purchases one of my works.   

Learn more about the Citizen Potawatomi Nation at:


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