Watercolor No. 16 / 2019 | by Hugh Letterly

Watercolor No. 16 / 2019 | by Hugh Letterly


Watercolor & Pen


approx 6 x 7.75 inches (15x20 cm)


Pueblo Oven in Taos

Taos Pueblo is the oldest-continually inhabited  community in the United States. It appears today as it did to the first Spanish explorers to this land in 1540, but dates back even further than that. Modern estimates date the construction of the Taos Pueblo to between 1000 c.e. and 1450 c.e..

Today, there are approximately 1,900 Taos Indians living on Pueblo land. While most have summer homes near their farming land, or maintian modern residents outside the pueblo walls, there are about 150 who live full time within the traditional pueblo.


Each original watercolor includes a complimentary 11 3/8 x 9 x 3/4 inch silver frame with glass. You may request to ship without the frame.