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Handbuilt, wood-fired ceramic chiminea

by Paulina Ho


Approximate Dimensions

Height: 7.5"

Circumference [at widest point]: 21" (6.5" Diameter)


This is a Stoneware ceramic piece by Paulina Ho. Paulina recently moved to Taos from New York City, NY. She is a painter, graphic designer and recently has begun working in ceramic.


She's used a handbuilding technique to create her forms and much of her work has been fired in a Japanese Anagama kiln which uses wood to fuel the kiln. Pieces reach cone 10-11 (tempuratures in excess of 2,200F). This means that each piece is fully vitrified and non-porous. The patterns are created by the wood ash and air as it moves through the kiln in an 8-day firing. The ash fuses with the ceramic and creates a natural glaze and the air creates patterns of oxidation and reduction.



"Such As Tradition"

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