“Reposing Woman", 1978, R.C. Gorman

“Reposing Woman", 1978, R.C. Gorman


Trial Proof

29 1/2” x 22” Lithograph(74.93 x 55.88 cm)






Bon á Tirer - 1

Artist's Edition (Commercial Edition) - 60

*There may be additional parts to this edition




Signed & dated in the lower left "R.C. Gorman 1978"

Edition number and size in lower right "Trail Proof"

Other hallmarks are inlcuded on this work





Overall Excellent condition

Colors are bright and vibrant, no signs of UV fading.





As of April 2022, the R.C. Gorman Navajo Gallery retails this work at $7,500.

The 2009 Western Graphics Workshop suggested retail price for this work is $5,800.