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"Qosqo Plaza", 2015

Photograph by Anthony Anaya-Gorman


Signed Archival Digital Photograph Print

10 1/4" x 15" (Image Size) on 16" x 20" paper

Framed Option: 15 1/4" x 20 1/4" (paper trimmed on shortside) Acid Free Matting with pencil signature in black metal frame.


Major construction of the Basilica Cathedral took place between 1538 and 1654. The Cathedral was consecrated in 1668.

Built on the location of Kiswarkancha and Suntar Wasi - sacred sites to the Inca during the 15th century, the Spanish and Catholic Church asserted their power by building over these sites and using stones from the nearby fortress Saqsaywaman as they had done with the Aztecs in Tenochtitlan in modern day Mexico City.


Anthony uses the older Qusqo (or Qusqu) spelling versus the modern "Cusco" as a call back to the history of the site.


"This is probably one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. I took this while waiting at the train station outlet to pick up my ticket in the Cuzco plaza."

-Anthony Anaya-Gorman

Qosqo Plaza | Anthony Anaya-Gorman

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