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EPAP (Editions Press Aritist's Proof) - 1 of 1 in a side edition*

31 1/2” x 36 15/16” Serigraph
(80.00x 92.25 cm)


Mat and back included, detached
37 3/4” x 42 1/4”
(95.89 x 107.32 cm)


Marie, St II is an Original Serigraph by R.C. Gorman. R.C. began work on Marie in May 1985 and completed execution of the edition with Printer Welles La Monte at Editions Press in 1985. The final execution was completed in two States.


This work combines serigraphic and lithographic techniques and is an extraordinary example of the Gorman-style of the 1980's.


State I and State II both depict a woman seated in profile, wrapped in a striped blanket. Her fo