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One piece, many looks...


"Koi Pond" is the first piece I've made in this style. I used a combination of underglaze and high-fire glazes to create an on-going abstract painting around this piece. The natural white clay body gave me a beautiful blank canvas on which to work. I began by using a heavy worn brush to apply movement in black underglaze and then applied textures and smears with a sponge, adding and removing marks. A clear overglaze seals everything and finally I layered over some black and red over glazes to the piece.

"Koi Pond" | by Michael Gorman

  • This is a high-fire stoneware vessel. Glazes are food-safe (not sure what you would need that for...but they are).


    This piece is functional, meaning it can hold water, food, and may be displayed in any environment.


    Of course, it is still fragile ceramic. avoid dropping or striking with hard objects. It may be clean with a damp rag, or washed using regular dishsoap and cleaning pads. Avoid strong abrasive materials like stealwool or brillow pads. While this is dishwasher safe, I recommend hand washing.

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