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This is NOT an authentication service.


The gallery will provide assistance in identifying works of R.C. Gorman. There is no guarentee of successfully identifying all works, however the gallery and our consultants have extensive records and experience and will likely be able to provide you with useful information.


We will provide you with information we have in our records such as a title, medium, year, and other information pertaining to your request. This can be helpful is distinguishing posters from lithographs or one-of-a-kind painting and drawings, beginning further research on value, or personal or professional record keeping.


This is not an authentication becuase this process is done using photographs and information you send and not with an in-person examination of the work. However, we will provide - when avaiable - inforamtion on hallmarks that can help you resonably authenicate the piece.


A $25 charge is applied to each request for identification.


You will be asked to provide photos of the artwork:

An overall shot, showing the complete artwork; and

close-up shots of any markings such as signautres, years, stamps, edition numbers etc; and

a close-up shot of the edge of the paper (or where the mat board overlaps the paper).


You will also be asked to provide:

Measurements of the artwork in inches.

Measure paper edge to paper edge, OR if edge is covered, provide the window size of the visible work


Any other information you have will be helpful. If you have receiepts, print documents provided by the gallery or print shop, where and when you aquired the piece, etc.


Examples of the works that you may have include:

One-of-a-kind pastel, acrylic, oil, charcol, pencil, pen, drawings or paintings

Original Stone Lithographs

Original Serigraphs

Original woodblook or lino cuts

Poster Prints (Signed, Unsigned, or dedicated)

Unauthorized reproduction prints

Post 2009 reproductions from the Navajo Gallery

Pre 2009 Postcards and Gift Cards, & Calendar Prints

Post 2009 Calendar Prints

Cutouts from various publications

Bronze sculptures


Cast Paper


Mixed Media

Etched Glass

and various other media...


This will be provided via email

Identification Services

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