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Edition # 25/100

22 1/8” x 30 1/4” Lithograph
(56.20x 76.84 cm)


Mat and back included, detached
30” x 40”
(76.20 x 101.60 cm)


Homage to Seated Woman is an Original Lithograph by R.C. Gorman. R.C. began work in January 1975 and completed execution of the edition with Printer Harry Westlund at the Tamarind Institute in 1975.


This is a beautiful example of some of the final works R.C. produced with the Tamar Indinstitute. Subtle details in the design show his growing mastery of the lithographic process.




Bon á Tirer - 1

Artist's Edition (Commercial Edition) - 100

Color Trial Proofs - 9

Record Impressions - 2



  • Signed & dated in the lower left "R.C. Gorman 1975"
  • Edition number and size in lower right "25/100"
  • Workshop's Chop pressed on lower left
  • Printer's Chop pressed on lower right
  • Blind Stamp



  • Overall Good condition
  • Colo