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The first of the 2024 casting of this beautiful Gorman Bronze is being prepared. 10 are schedule to be cast by March. 5 will be reserved for sale at the Heard Museum Guild's Indian Fair & Market.If you would like to have one of these beautiful bronzes reserved, you can place your order now. In the NOTES, please not the type of petina finish you would like, or allow me to decide, or you can decide closer to the completion date. Options can be viewed here: Spider Woman Options Page.


*Base is not included. 


The Legend of Spiderwoman

Spider-Woman lives in Canyon de Chelly. One day she was weaving in her den when her light became blocked. It was Changing-Woman, looking down into her hole listening to her sing as she wove.

"What are you doing?", said Changing Woman

"I'm weaving", said Spider-Women, "Coming in. You are blocking my light, but you can watch."


Navajo blankets are among the most recognized in the world. This sculpture pays homage to Spiderwoman and the generations of Navajo weavers. The inner walls of the sculpture are finished to resemble the rain-washed walls of Canyon de Chelly while the outer folds are textured - reminiscent of the blankets the Navajo have weaved since Changing-Woman first learned the skill from Spider-Woman. A gentle and aged face looks down the extended right arm, welcoming - even beckoning - you in.


This is an open edition. Each casting will be marked with my marker's mark and the year it was cast.


Casting as of December 31, 2023

APs - 10 (2022-2023), 10 Sold

2022 Castings - 1, 1 Sold

2023 Castings - 3, 2 Sold

2024 Castings - 10, 5 Sold


Homage to Spiderwoman and Navajo Weavers: Bronze Art by Gorman

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