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Original Stoneware Ceramic by Michael Gorman

Started March/April, 2023

Anagama (Wood Kiln) Fired to cone-11 May 21-29, 2023


This sleek ceramic vase is a stunning piece of artwork that is both functional and beautiful. Fired in an Anagama - Japanese Wood-Kiln, the piece features intricate patterns created by the kiln during the firing process. The heavy iron oxide content of the clay manifests as a deep ruddy that has mixed with the hot ash and lye to create a beautiful natural glaze of black, red, and green. The piece is fully vitrified, making it able to hold water and will last for centuries.


The technique of firing is using an Anagama - a Japanese Wood Kiln. The firing takes 8 days and reaches tempuratures in excess of 2300º F (just under 1300º C) which full vitrifies the clay, making functional as well as beautiful. The patters are created over the many days of firing as heat and ash move threw the kiln.


This was among the first pieces I’ve fired in an Anagama since I first began ceramics. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results! The patterns are determined by the interactions of the clay body with the fire, ash, and smoke in the kiln.


I used Amadore clay from Laguna Clay which is rich in iron oxide, bringing a deep rust color to the body.



Approximate Dimensions

Height: 7.75 inches (19.68 cm)

Circumference: 15.00" (38.00 cm) [ Diameter/Width: 4.75" (12.06 cm)]*

*At widest point

"Black Marked on Green" by Michael Gorman

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