Cheii - Grandfather

I'm in the process of doing my first edition of bronze sculptures. I'm beginning by casting a mold of Cheii - Grandfather. The original ceramic piece (pictured right) befell some damage, so it seemed like a good place to start.


Each piece will be hand chased in the wax form, to provide a uniqueness to each sculpture. Once cast in bronze I will apply patinas to create the final look for each.

This will be an Edition of 20 with 2 Artist's Proofs 2 Foundry Proofs, and 1 Record Casting for a total of 25.

Pre-Order numbers 1-5 for $400. Invitations for the APs will be sent to my mailing list.

The base is still being designed. The bronze itself is approx 8" tall.

The Gorman Tradition Continues...

The Gorman tradition of art continues with Michael Gorman, the latest generation to create beautiful and award winning art in a unique and breath-taking style that can best be described as ''Gorman''!

Michael's unique ceramic sculptures invite you to become a part of the process by imagining the form under each blanket or filling in the lines between each feature.

His photography can transport you across a distance.

Located on the east side of the historic Taos Plaza, the Michael Gorman Gallery is easy walking from restaurants & hotels, in the heart of Taos. There are two Free City Parking lots  near the gallery, and On-Street Metered Parking (enforced Mon-Sat, 10-5).

The Gallery offers rotating shows of local and visiting artists. Michael Gorman is there most days, and is happy to talk about the gallery or give tips about your visit. You might also catch him sculpting or painting when you come by!


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