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a space to Learn... to Create... to Talk

 A Space For Art

The Michael Gorman Gallery , is the culmination of a life long dream. I'm creating a community art space in Taos that, when complete, will bring together a world community under an umbrella of creativity, education, and beauty.

I have been surrounded by art my entire life. My uncle, R.C. Gorman, was a prolific painter - well known in Taos - and my grandfather, Carl Gorman , was a well known and respected philosopher, artist, and professor.

The gallery will feature my art on a continuous basis and the work of other artists working in various mediums. I have been extremely blessed with opportunity in my life and much of what I have achieved has been a result of someone sharing with me, inspiring me, and encouraging me. I plan to make this gallery a space that can provide similar opportunities for emerging and established artists to share their gifts with you and each other.

My plan for the gallery is to develop a community relationship in Taos. I want for visitors to the space to explore their own creative process and by the end of it, leave something of themselves in Taos. To achieve this, I plan to feature interactive and collaborative pieces which visitors are welcome to contribute to. I have travelled to 7 countries and across the US and have found that you can in fact be in many places at once. When you create in a place, you become a part of that place. When you leave, a small part of you will stay.

I have also found that by bringing the those things that we perceive unreachable within grasp, you shrink the distance in your mind.


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