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j. KEO | divergent abstract


Taiji III (diptych) | divergent abstract

acrylic & sumi ink on canvas

The divergent abstract works of j. KEO possess a dualistic energy: part motion, part stillness. The Shodo inspired brush strokes reflect the artist's state of mind - a state of mind known as mushin In Zen Calligraphy, mushin is the practice of clearing one's mind so that the character flows freely between the mind and brush, effortlessly. The result of practicing this meditative state, are beautiful dances between artist and canvas.

These Shodo inspired artworks, while motionless, are a testament to creativity in motion.  They show the infinite potential of energy contained within everything.

Jim was raised in Upstate New York, and after serving in the US infantry in Central America in the mid-80's, he pursued Fine Arts at MWPI/Pratt in Utica, New York. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Design & Art from the University of Bridgeport. Following college, Jim began traveling and visiting museums across North America and Europe. This led to discovering a passion for architecture. He earned a Masters Degree in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. During this time he spent a year in Europe studying and living in Barcelona, where he became fascinated by Catalonian art and architecture of Joan Miro, Antonio Tapies, Gaudi, Enric Mrialles, Picasso and others. Jim continues these travels and has lectured on twentieth century Spanish art and architecture. He currently lives in Aspen, CO, devoting time to his children, the outdoors, painting and architecture. 


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"As a longtime practitioner of the meditative based martial arts of Neighing and Qigong, I was naturally drawn to the East Asian art of Shodo Calligraphy - studying under Japanese artist, Zen scholar, and author: Kaz Tanahachi."

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