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Call 4 Artists

The Michael Gorman Gallery will be holding its opening show beginning Thursday, May 24th. I am seeking artists of all types that have a story to tell with their art. 

I am particularly interested in showcasing artists who practice a traditional art form and are dedicated to its preservation and perpetuation, artists who have brought a traditional form of art into a contemporary style, or artists who work in contemporary mediums and styles and draw inspiration from nature, culture or personal history

This is open to painters, sculptors, writers, and photographers. If you have an idea that doesn't quite seem to fit with anything, contact me and we can see what we can do!

How to Submit 1-2-3-Send!


  1. Gather 5-10 examples of your work. These need not be in a series, but should be connected by a theme or story. Photographs need not be high resolution but should each be at least 576px x720px (a 72dpi 8”x 10”). .jpeg, .tiff or .png formats are acceptable

  2. Include dimensions (in inches) of piece and of frame/display if applicable, and total weight, including frame and display (in pounds).

  3. Include a short narrative of your work and story

SEND: E-mail your submissions to before 11:59pm MDT on Friday, April 20th, 2018



Other Things to Consider


Selected artists will have their work represented at the Michael Gorman Gallery for the time period selected, and must remain on display for that time. The time offered will be based upon your ability to supply the gallery with work, available space, and themes of shows.

The Michael Gorman Gallery will assist in the reproduction and representation of some select pieces in the form of prints, posters, or other imaging reproductions. These images will be used for both advertizing and retailing purposes.


During the selection process please plan to submit:

  • an artist’s bio

  • a headshot, self-portrait, or other representation of yourself, the artist(s)

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