Two Horses Fighting | Carl N. Gorman

Two Horses Fighting | Carl N. Gorman


Ceramic Platter

16 1/2" x 13" x 5/8"

(41.90 x 33 x 1.60 cm)

Circa mid 1980s - early 1990s


Two Horses Fighting is ceramic platter by Navajo Artist Carl N. Gorman (Kin-Yionny -Beyeh). It depicts two horses locked into a fight below the buttes of Diné-tah (Navajoland).


This may not have been the original title of this piece, however there are a few sketches of this piece in the family collection and one of them (pictured in photos) has a note from my grandfather about what the horses are doing. Perhaps a note to his wife, Mary, making clear his intention of the piece. Perhaps a note to anyone coming across the sketch in the future.


The sketch is pictured for your enjoyment and reference, but is NOT included in the sale of the platter. However, the sketch may be purchased with the platter with the agreement they be kept together.


This platter was created in conjunction with Grysner Studio in Taos. I do not have any information on whether this went into an edition production or if it is one-of-a-kind. It is stamped on the back with the "Gorman Edition" used by R.C. Gorman and Grysner Studio. It is also stamped with the "RCG" chop used by RC Gorman, but this is not RC's work. The Editioned works were typically marked with permanent marker with the year, edition number, edition size, and title by Grysner Studio and were sold with authenticity documents describing the technique of the piece and edition size. As this work is unmarked, I cannot verify those details.


This work was previously represented at another gallery and has not been removed from their website. To my knowledge this is the only platter with this artwork on it.