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Sterling silver pendant with stablized turquoise on a sterling silver chain.

Turquoise Rain Pendant | by Heather Bamberg

  • Heather Bamberg is a wife, mother, artist and entrepreneur. She first fell in love with metalsmithing during a short project-based class in 2002, soon after going on to pursue her BFA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing at Northern Arizona University.  Heather also studied photography, printmaking, illustration and ceramics. 

    When it comes to her jewelry, each piece is handcrafted of recycled precious metals in an off-grid studio located in the high desert forest of Northern Arizona.  Heather maintains a strong commitment to sustainability by employing solar power and harvesting rain water to supply her studio. 

    With a clean, modern aesthetic her work draws inspiration from the rugged beauty of the Northern Arizona landscape.  Simple lines are offset by bold textures and genuine gemstones.

    “I hope the joy that I feel while metalsmithing is apparent in the pieces I make. I love the whole process: from the design stage, into the fabrication and finishing. There are so many steps but each one is tangible and exciting!”

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