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"Repose" is a hand-cast Limited Edition ceramic vase created in 1986 by R.C. Gorman and Grycnar Gallery.


Unlike mass produced ceramic products, this hand crafted vase was created by close collaboration between the artists. Each image is hand drawn then hand painting with glazes, fired and inspected before being numbered and signed.


This vessel bears the signature of R.C. Gorman (pictured) along the base with the number of the Edition. This vase is number 1 of 150.


Height: 19"

Diameter: 13"


Colors: Rose, Deep Purple, Purple, Bright Blue, Danish Blue, Cobalt Blue, Honey Flesh, Black, Moonstone Grey, Nile Green, Morocco Red, Teal Blue, & Fiesta Turquoise.



"Repose" #1/150 | by R.C. Gorman

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