"Ranchos Twilight", 1988, by R.C. Gorman

"Ranchos Twilight", 1988, by R.C. Gorman


Ranchos Twilight, 1988

42" x 31 3/4" (106.7cm x 80.6cm)

Begun December 4, 1986


Ranchos de Taos, or simply Ranchos is home to the Saint Fransis de Asisi church. Just a south of Taos proper, this historic landmark has been an inspiration for many Taos artists.

R.C. uses his command of colors to bring this scene to life. A group of barefoot Taos women stand in the foreground under a twilight sky of barely visible stars. Stand too far away and you might miss the details of this masterful lithograph. Spend just a few minutes in visual contemplation, and the details will breathe life into the scene.


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