"Ranchos Twilight", 1988, by R.C. Gorman

"Ranchos Twilight", 1988, by R.C. Gorman


Ranchos Twilight, 1988

42" x 31 3/4" (106.7cm x 80.6cm)

Begun December 4, 1986


Ranchos de Taos, or simply Ranchos is home to the Saint Fransis de Asisi church. Just a south of Taos proper, this historic landmark has been an inspiration for many Taos artists.

R.C. uses his command of colors to bring this scene to life. A group of barefoot Taos women stand in the foreground under a twilight sky of barely visible stars. Stand too far away and you might miss the details of this masterful lithograph. Spend just a few minutes in visual contemplation, and the details will breathe life into the scene.


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  • R.C. Gorman | July 27, 1931 - November 3, 2005

    Called "The Picasso of American Indian Art" by The New York Times, my uncle, R.C. Gorman, was a prolific and highly acclaimed artist.

    Born on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Chinle, Arizona to Carl Gorman and Adele Brown, R.C. had humble beginnings. He was the first to recieve a scholarship from the Navajo Nation to study internationally. He attended art school in Mexico City where he learned the art of lithography from master printer, Jose Sanchez.

    R.C. Moved to Taos in 1967. He had been showing his work at the Manchester Gallery and in 1968, he purchased the Manchester Gallery and turned it into the Navajo Gallery - the very first Native American owned art gallery.

    Over the next 4 decades R.C.'s fame and acclaim grew. In 1973 he was the only living artist to be included in the “Masterworks of the American Indian" show held at Metropolitan Museum in New York City. One of his works was selected to be the cover of the exhibit's catalog. Perhaps best known for his colorful and vibrant depictions of Native Life, particularly of Native Women, R.C.'s art pays homage to his roots. His carreer span many mediums and styles.

    Today, Taos celebrates R.C. legacy with an annual R.C. Gorman Days in July.

  • Notes on Condition

    This lithograph measures 41 1/2" x 31 1/2" and is float framed in a 52 1/2" 42 1/8" frame. It bears the chopmarks of the artist and the workshop as well as the signature and hand written date (year) and edition number of this lithograph.

    There is a small chip in the top left corner of the frame. The lithograph has small marks, likely from the edges hitting a hard surface, in the upper right. There are two small tears along the bottom edge (pictured). The photopgraphs with this listing accurately represent this artwork.