CV05 - Pony Hoove Bracelet by Lonn Parker

CV05 - Pony Hoove Bracelet by Lonn Parker


About This Piece


Created by Silversmith Lonn Parker (Trademark Stamp visible on inside of cuff). Also stamped "Sterling Silver", "USA", "Do Not Bend"


Size: 5.5 (fits a 6" - 6 1/2" wristbone)


Turquoise and other gems


About the Artist

Lonn Parker is an extraordinary silversmith from the Navajo Nation (Dineh Tah). In the 1990's, Lonn made a belt and bolo tie set for then President George W. Bush.


Parker's jewelry is a beautiful blend of traditional techniques combined with original designs. His designs often make use of ancient Native American and Navajo symbols of strength, prosperity and creation.

Techniques like overlay, gemstone inlay and tufa casting are his mainstay.


Parker favors extra heavy gauge metals in his pieces. The advantages of heavy gauge metals in jewelry far outweigh the extra cost. The use of heavy gauge precious metals assures that inlaid gemstones will remain in place and delivers a feel and aethetic to the wearer worthy of praise!


Vanderpool Collection


The Vanderpool collection is made up of several fine Navajo, Zuni, and Mexican pieces of jewelry, collected over a lifetime of travel throught the southwest. Sadly, I do not have the individual story behind each piece, but I have included as much information as I am able to verify for each piece.


The style of this collection ranges from the 1940s to the 2000s but each piece is difficult to pinpoint the time line. I have made every effort to identify any marker's mark include it in the description. Many Native Silversmiths do have well known and documents marks and when I could find it, I included the name and as much personal information about the maker as I could find.


This was a well loved collection. Some pieces have some damage or missing stones and their prices are adjusted accordingly.



Ms. Vanderpool had a small figure, and the collection reflects this. Some pieces may be resized, but most (pieces with stone settings) are not recommended for resizing. If there is a style you like, I can help you locate a similar piece in your size, as I know several living artists and dealers of vintage jewelry.


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