"Copper Dash" (Bééshłichíí'í Yiłyaa Iizoh) | Dash Series

"Copper Dash" (Bééshłichíí'í Yiłyaa Iizoh) | Dash Series


Raku Fired - Stoneware Ceramic Vessel

Burnished with Stone and Oil


Height: 7 3/4"

Width (diameter): 5 3/4"

Base (diameter): 2 3/4"


(Pictured with 3" (3 1/4") Cedar Base by Vincent Lauricella)


"These works are Japanese inspired works. I meditate while looking at the form of the ceramic. I paint this mark q00 times in my head before I move my arm. Then when the time is right, I make a single stroke across the clay body. There is no going back."