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An original acrylic on canvas painting

34"w x 32"h


Ready to hang as is.


Canvas made by the artist

"Chicago Meets The Southwest" | by April Tsosie

  • This show is meant to celebrate and honor the legacy of our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers.

    It has been 74 years since the bloody fighting of WWII ended and the Navajo Code Talkers returned home. They developed a sepcial code using the Navajo Language, which remains the ONLY verbal code used by the U.S. military that has never been broken. They also fought. As Marines, the were riflemen first. As Navajos they strived to walk in beauty. After the war, many underwent the "Enemy Way Ceremony" meant to cleanse the mind and spirit of the mark of war. Though the war was over, thier fight was not. Returning to Arizona and New Mexico, they could still not vote until 1948. Racism, discrimination and hardship were still realities life both on and off the reservation.

    Now, with the war behind them and their lives ahead of them, they would lead a new charge: one that continues to impact us, thier descendants. They began training themselves for professions in art, politics, law, sports, and they fought to be accepted as equals in thier new professions.

    This show features original artworks by two Navajo Code Talkers: Carl N. Gorman and Chester Nez as well as the artwork of Code Talker Descendants: Teddy Draper, III, April Tsosie, Dawning Pollen Shorty, Michael Nez, Latham Nez, Emery Whitfield Nez, R.C. Gorman, and Michael Gorman.

    Each artist works in their own style and medium, from the traditional to the contemporary, the representational to the abtract.