Carl Gorman's World | by Henry & Georgia Greenberg

Carl Gorman's World | by Henry & Georgia Greenberg


Signed and dedicated First Edition, 1984

Good/Very Good Condition


Signed by Carl Gorman, R.C. Gorman, Henry, Greenberg, Georgia Greenberg with an additional Signature and dedication by Carl Gorman.


2nd Title Page:

  • "Warmest Regards to you Dan Prall From Carl N. Gorman"
  • "Carl N. Gorman 1996"


3rd Title Page:

  • "Georgia Greenberg" and "Henry F. Greenberg" and "R.C. Gorman"


Condition Notes

Very light UV fading on the cover, consistent with it's age. Pages show gentle use by owner, but are without creases, bends, and tears. There is a small mark on the first cover page and liner (blue ink, same as pen used by Carl for 2nd inscription).

The dust jacket shows moderate to heavy shelfware (crinkles along the top and bottom edges). and a permanent indentation on the front cover about 3 1/2" long. 

Otherwise clean, unfolded and in good condition.