"Breadmaker", 1988, Original Lithograph | by R.C. Gorman

"Breadmaker", 1988, Original Lithograph | by R.C. Gorman


No. 22 in an edition of 225

37 1/4" x 29 1/2"

Framed 45 1/8 x 37 1/2"


Includes origianl paperwork from Origins Press, signed by Peter Holmes

Please note: there is some slight damage on the bottom corners (visible in photos) from previous framing.



Breadmaker is a multicolor lithograph pulled on Arches Covered Buff measuring 29 1/2" x 37 1/2" in an edition of 225 impressions. The release date is April 15, 1988.


R.C. Gorman's "Breadmakeer" depicts a woman placing unleaven dough in an earthen orno at a pueblo. The woman will place a wooden or flagstone cover over the opening of the orno to maintain a suitable heat. The orno is used primarily for baking bread, but meat or fowl can also be cooked in it. Pueblo people have used the orno for over 400 years and it is thought to be an adaptation of Spanish design.


Mr Gorman has used subtle tones in color and shadow to dramatically contract teh woman against the sun baked earth. 



Hallmarks (pictured)

  • Signed & dated in the lower left "R.C. Gorman 1988"
  • Edition number and size in lower right "22/225"
  • Artist mark pressed on lower center-left
  • Printers mark press on lower center-right
  • Origins Press release notes and authenitcation papers signed by Peter Holmes


Compare to the Navajo Gallery's retail price of $4,500 (new, but unframed w/o original documentation) or,

Western Graphics Suggested retail price list (published between 2009-2016) $3,250