"Taos Mountain" Bracelet | by Ron Striegel

"Taos Mountain" Bracelet | by Ron Striegel


Taos Mountain

Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Fill Overlay Cuff Bracelet

  • Approx 1 5/8" band
  • 3.8 ounces of sterling silver
  • 1.8g 14k gold


    Size: 5.5 (fits a 7" to 7 1/2" wrist bone)


    This stampwork and overlay bracelet depicts a full moon in 14k gold rising from behind Taos Mountain as a comet blazes through the stary sky. Ron employs handstamping (no machine used) to produce the textures and shading in his works.

  • About the Artist

    Ron Striegel is an enrolled member of the Potawatomi Nation.

    The name "Potawatomi" is an Algonquin word which means "People of the Place of the Fire". The Potawatomi Nation was originally part of a larger group consisting of the Chippewa and Ottawa Nations. The Potawatomi kept the original “Council Fire” of the three nations. Today they are known as the “keepers of the fire”.

    In the book ‘NAVAJO SILVER, A BRIEF HISTORY OF SILVERSMITHING’, Authur Woodward writes that the Potawatomi began working with silver in about 1790 with the first use of silver objects as early as 1740. Many early designs used by the Navajo can be traced to these early silversmiths.

  • Craftsmanship

    Each of Ron Striegel's pieces is handcrafted and is accompanied with a certificate of authenticy from the artist which contains his methods and accounting of materials used.

    Each piece is guarenteed for life by the artist.